Team Liberty! Learn about each of our Liberty Sport Advocates’ favorite eyewear, sport and past-time below. Our Liberty Sport advocates proudly wear their eyewear to keep their eyes protected from eye injuries while riding and on and off the playing field. They play hard and are passionate about protecting their vision with the support of Liberty Sport protective eyewear. Want to become an advocate in your sport? Contact us at to find out more.












More About Alex

Alex 1st Grade

Wears: Maxx 20

Plays: soccer. But, he also swims, plays football, basketball, and baseball.
Favorite activity outside of sports:
Play Legos and watch movies.

More About Belle

Belle Age 10

Wears: Maxx 20

Plays: Hockey (Ice & Inline)
Favorite activity outside of sports:

More About DJ

DJ Age 11

Wears: F8 Slam with side arms, and F8 Slam goggles (under his Martial Arts sparring helmet, or when it's cold enough to need a hat during soccer.)

Plays: Competitive Soccer, and is a Black Belt in Martial Arts.
Favorite activity outside of sports:
He also enjoys dance, and playing both the drums and violin.

More About Grady

Grady 4th Grade

Wears: Shatter F8(Red)

Plays: Baseball & micro sprint racing.
Favorite activity outside of sports:
Play with my friends and fish.

More About Tyler

Tyler 8th Grade

Wears: Velocity (Satin Red)

Plays: Basketball & Soccer
Favorite activity outside of sports:
Playing outside and playing with his friends

More About Frankie

Frankie Lee Age 6

Wears: Sword Totem F8

Activity: Skateboarding
Favorite activity outside of sports:
iPad and Wii

More About Antonio


Wears: MX21 (black), Neon Tag

Activity: Karate, hip-hop dance, investigating baseball (soon)
Favorite activity outside of sports:
Art & Engineering. Antonio truly enjoys creating things and discovering how things work together.

More About Paul


Wears: Chopper 2

Activity: They're my main glasses for most things, but I wear them exclusively for adventure motorcycling (last year about 50,000 miles!)
Favorite other activity
I'm a writer, so the majority of my time when off motorcycles is spent at the keyboard

More About Michael Fernandez

Michael Fernandez

Wears: Slam XL

Activity: Kneeboard surfing
Achievements: NSSA Southwestern Conference season points champion in kneeboarding.
Favorite other activity