Golf/Tennis Lens

Golf/Tennis Lens
The green golf and tennis lens will increase contrast and visibility against blue and green backgrounds allowing you to perform at top levels.

RX Prescription available through your Optical Retailer.

Increases the contrast and visibility of white and yellow objects(like fast moving balls) against blue and green backgrounds on sunny days. Blocks 79% of visible light; 100% UV.


There is currently no lens content for Golf/Tennis Lens.

The sizing is the official measuring standard for all frames:

  • A = the horizontal measurement of the lens
  • B = the vertical measurement of the lens
  • ED = Effective Diameter defines the minimum diameter lens that will fit a frame when the geometric center of the lens is exactly centered in the frame.
  • DBL = Distance Between Lenses or the bridge size
  • TL = Temple Length
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Golf/Tennis Lens


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Although Liberty Sport sports eyewear is designed to offer the best possible protection during certain sporting activities, there is always the possibility that the wearer may sustain an eye, face, or other injury due to impact or because of the nature of the athletic activity. If the frame incurs an severe impact it must be replaced. If the frame is neglected or misused, or is worn improperly, the degree of eye protection provided may be reduced and may result in permanent eye, face, head, or other injuries. Neither the designer, manufacturer, nor Liberty Sport Inc. claims their sports eyewear is unbreakable or eliminates the possibility of injury.