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Adult Sports Goggles & Glasses

The appropriate adult sports eyewear can readily prevent a large number of sports-related eye injuries. Ordinary everyday glasses simply don’t cut it—in fact, they can cause more harm than good because they can shatter and pierce your eyes.

Liberty Sport offers high-quality prescription sports eyewear that protects your eyes and lets you perform at your best. The protective eyewear at Liberty Sport features advanced polycarbonate lenses that meet or exceed ASTM F803 standards. This guarantees that our eyewear will significantly reduce the risk of eye injury during any sport.

It’s our mission to inform people about the risk-reducing power of adult sports eyewear and provide them with a product that delivers safety, comfort, and style. When it comes to prescription sports eyewear, Liberty Sport is committed to providing adult sports goggles and glasses that prevent sport-related eye injury.