Chopper - Liberty Sport motorcycle riding glasses with MagTraxion removable eyecups for protection from debris.
The Chopper ™ Rx motorcycle eyewear riding sunglasses come with removable Powered by Switch™ magnetic eye cups to protect your eyes from the wind, dust, and other particles that may find their way into your eyes while barreling down the open road on your motorcycle.

RX Prescription available through your Optical Retailer.

  • 8 base decentered lens curvature
  • Prescription available through your Optical Retailer
  • 8-base wrap around lens shape delivers excellent peripheral field of vision.
  • Comes with removable MagTraxion™ magnetic eye cups to help protect the eyes from wind, dust and light flying particles.
  • Raised eyerim back lip provides additional lens retention.
  • Pierced temple design allows air flow and help screen out debris.
  • Soft nose pad for comfort and fit.
  • Head hugging temple design to add to frame comfort.
  • Plano frame comes with Liberty Sport Ultimate Driver polycarbonate premium performance lenses:
    • Passes all Global Driving Standards.
    • Hard Coat Premium Scratch Coating.
    • 100% UVA & UVB Protection.
  • Comes with semi-rigid case, cleaning cloth , eye cups pouch & adjustable cord.

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Ultimate Driver Polycarbonate

  • Made for speed and motion activities.
  • Tint is tailored for mid range, contrast transmission to provide both sustained comfort and uncompromised visibility under the varying conditions encountered.
  • Rose Amber lens with silver flash mirror coating.

MagTraxion™ Technology by Liberty Sport uses unique magnetic technology combined with skillfully engineered sunglass designs to convert from fashionable sunglasses to high performance eyewear in seconds – it’s like getting two frames for the price of one!

The sizing is the official measuring standard for all frames:

  • A = the horizontal measurement of the lens
  • B = the vertical measurement of the lens
  • ED = Effective Diameter defines the minimum diameter lens that will fit a frame when the geometric center of the lens is exactly centered in the frame.
  • DBL = Distance Between Lenses or the bridge size
  • TL = Temple Length
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Customer Reviews

The "Chopper's" key features and benefits underline that Liberty Sport have the motorcyclists eye wear needs covered!

All the years of riding various motorcycles, I’ve always had the sense of the importance of good protective eyewear. Protection from eye damage against UV rays, from dust, dirt, debris and to ensure you can see the road you’re navigating ahead. Although I always wear a helmet with a face shield, I always wear my sunglasses. The team at Liberty Sport have brought out a broad selection of protection sport eyewear with a range specifically designed with motorcyclists. Why you ask do we need specialized sun protection? Well, for the aforementioned reasons as well as comfort and performance. full review here:

by VICKI - MOTORESS on 6/17/2015
Awesome Script Sunglasses

I use mine riding my Harley and love the fact that my cool looking sunglasses are my prescription glasses all in one and when I ride, all I have to do is take the magnetic sides out of the sturdy case and stick em on and it lets plenty of ventilation thru while blocking harsh wind and material from getting into my eyes. I would definately recomend a pair of these to my riding buddies. Thanks Guy's! Good stuff man.

by Mike on 5/13/2014


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Although Liberty Sport sports eyewear is designed to offer the best possible protection during certain sporting activities, there is always the possibility that the wearer may sustain an eye, face, or other injury due to impact or because of the nature of the athletic activity. If the frame incurs an severe impact it must be replaced. If the frame is neglected or misused, or is worn improperly, the degree of eye protection provided may be reduced and may result in permanent eye, face, head, or other injuries. Neither the designer, manufacturer, nor Liberty Sport Inc. claims their sports eyewear is unbreakable or eliminates the possibility of injury.

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