Powered by Switch™

Now you’re ready for anything.

Powered by Switch™ leverages the magnetic technology brought to you by our Switch interchangeable magnetic lens sunglasses line.  Formerly referred to as Magtraxion, our Powered by Switch™ technology lets you convert hard-working performance sunglasses to fashion-forward sunwear in seconds. The integrated venting allows natural airflow for reduced fogging and the back cushions or side cups that utilize these magnets are easy to remove and store.  These powerful magnets hold securely in place and offer you two frames in one.


magnetic lens sunglasses


Available Applications:

Trailblazer I/II
Trailblazer I/II & Snowblazer I/II
Rider & Snowrider
Rider & Snowrider (Snow)
Chopper 1/2
Free Spirit