Liberty Sport's Switch Magnetic Interchange Technology is now being used by NASA. Switch offers a multiple Rx solution in one frame to support and enhance vision in changing light and atmospheric conditions without sacrificing performance. After passing the rigorous testing required by NASA, in 2016 Switch will be launching into space as the performance eyewear solution for their astronauts.

The design of Switch allows one to instantly adapt to the changing light conditions and is now perfectly applied to the need for progressive vision correction required by some astronauts during prolonged periods in space. The high-energy magnets embedded in the lens and frame allows the astronauts to swap the lenses, specially made for each astronaut in the Liberty Sport lab, to the varying degrees of prescription increase needed.

With the use of the Switch frames and magnetic interchange technology, the need for multiple frames and lenses is removed, thus saving precious ounces of weight aboard the spacecraft. Switch technology offers a simple solution to ensure clear vision of NASA’s astronauts in extreme atmospheric conditions.

Benefits of Switch Technology

  •  One performance eyewear solution that incorporates the complete Rx solution with multiple lens technology
  •  Magnetic technology keeps the lens in place and allows for rapid lens replacement
  •  Switch allows for optimal performance in changing light conditions for athletes to astronauts – our performance eyewear solutions are for everyone.

How Switch benefits the Astronauts

  • Evidence suggests that microgravity conditions in space affects vision causing a shift toward farsightedness in most people
  • Most astronauts are over 40 and already require a prescription for presbyopia, a condition where the lenses of the eyes become increasingly inflexible making it difficult to focus on things close up
  • NASA flies "space anticipation" glasses for crew members over the age of 40 and multiple pairs for those that already require a prescription to ensure clear vision and pre-empt possible vision changes

This is the result of our efforts to continually engineer performance eyewear solutions to solve vision problems in a variety of sporting and lifestyle activities. We are proud to now have a vision technology and solution that supports the vision needs of our astronauts. Switch technology now offers a simple solution to ensure clear vision of NASA’s astronauts and allows them to see right in and out of this world. 

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